Steve Blom

Atmospheric Guitarist and Synthesist with Bhaav, Red Tailed Experience, and others.

Catherine Dana Costa

Voice, Guitar, Ukelele, Flute, and Hurdy-Gurdy. Leader of the Red Tailed Experience.

Christine Ghezzo

Singer, Harmonium, Traditional Indian Classical Student, and member of Bhaav

Cheryl Chaffee

Voice, Guitar, Owner of Garden of the Heart Yoga in Sarasota, and Leader of the Maha Group

Shankh Lahiri

Shankh is an internationally known on the Tabla, and runs the Shruti School of Indian Music, with Voice, Harmonium, and Konnakol for Shankh and Friends Kirtan group.

Heather Derigo

Vocals, Djembe, Full Drum Kit, Universal Unifier, Radical Transformer, Music & Arts Enthusiast. Wife of Shankh Lahiri and plays also with Shankh and Friends.

Joel Jadus

Voice, Guitar, Kirtan leader, yoga & mindfulness teacher


Voice, Singing Bowls, Healing Music, Kirtan

Dana Kaplan

Voice, Harmonium, Yoga Teacher, and member of TBD (To Bring Devotion) Kirtan Group in Orlando

Jim Beckwith

Sitar, Guitar, Voice, photographer, songwriter, composer & music producer.

Sarasota Joe

Kirtan Leader, Guitar, Voice

Suzanne Alverez

Singer, songwriter, artist

Missy Balsam

Vocals, Harmonium, Yoga Instructor

Rick Franz

Composer, Voice, Guitar, Bass, also plays with numerous other Kirtan Artists all over the US

Blue Spirit Wheel

Blue Spirit Wheel is a progressive evolution in the world of mantra music.