Please join us on Friday night for kirtan at Unity of Sarasota on Proctor Road.  Please note that this will be the last Unity kirtan for a while as I will be leaving SRQ soon to take care of some personal business.  The good news is that I will be moving to SRQ permanently and once I return the weekly kirtan shall resume.  I will provide updates here and on our FB page (see below).

Our kirtan practice is grounded in Bhakti Yoga, frequently defined as the yoga of devotion. More importantly, perhaps, is the Seva (aka “service”) aspect of Bhakti, where we offer our efforts to help others as a prayer to our chosen Divinity. Ultimately, that’s what these weekly kirtans are about, an opportunity to express gratitude in song and to share our blessings with those in need. Since we started in early January, we have raised hundreds of dollars for the All Faiths Food Bank, which provides much needed food to the economically challenged people of Sarasota and Desoto counties.

The only requirement is a beating heart and a voice! If you don’t wish to sing, come anyway and listen and / or clap along!!! Please note that this is a community effort and we strongly encourage all to consider introducing and leading chants. Musical ability is not required as this is not music but prayer in song. We also encourage chanting that is light hearted, joyous and ecstatic!!! Please visit our Facebook page at or our website at<a>.</a>

The SRQ Community Kirtan is supported by the funding and mission of the Call and Response Foundation ( Call and Response collaborates with local grassroots organizers to host affordable weekly kirtan events. The Sarasota kirtan community is vibrant, joyous and growing. Please join us…..and bring your friends. Chant and be happy!!!!