Every Friday night for the past 12-years a dedicated group in our small town has gathered to sing kirtan together. There are no live kirtan bands here (small town) so instead, we sing to sets that I put together from my library of sacred music. The sets are usually based on a theme & have been the musical basis for the New World Kirtan Podcast.

Due to COVID restrictions, we’ve been holding our Friday Satsang Circle over Zoom for about a year, and now we’re recording the music weekly. Instead of putting these sets up as podcasts, I’m sharing the links here so that you can enjoy ALL the kirtan, even from sets that don’t make it into being podcasts. I’ll post the set from the previous week’s Satsang here. Enjoy!



Links To The Friday Satsang Sets:

3/12/21: Pajama Party, Passcode: =n6x*8sS 

3/19/21: Sky’s Mantra Medicine, Passcode: R6FGQK&B

3/26/21: Adam Bauer Live Kirtan , Passcode: fqhy0+c^



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